AVTECH's Flood Protect & Control Kit helps protect critical equipment and areas against flood and water leak damage in the event your data center or facility incurs unexpected water intrusion.

This kit includes Flood Berms, Flood Barrier Mats, and Flood Cleanup Mats. The Flood Berms can be placed around server racks and cabinets, storage racks, food supplies, file cabinets, or any other location that stores critical resources. Each Flood Berm is 4 feet (121.92 cm) long and and grows to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) high while absorbing almost 2 gallons of liquid to form a protective berm to help provide additional flood protection. Flood Barrier Mats absorb 1 quart of liquid each, while Flood Cleanup Mats absorb 1.5 quarts of liquid each to help clean up unexpected water or liquid.

Pair the Flood Protect & Control Kit with AVTECH’s Flood Sensors w/Cable or Spot Flood Sensors to help detect and notify when liquid is present, while also protecting your critical assets from the liquid until you arrive onsite to perform additional remediation.

Features & Specifications For Flood Protect & Control Kit (Large)


Flood Protect & Control Kit (Large)
Flood Berm Count6
Flood Barrier Mat Count3
Flood Cleanup Mat Count6
Flood Berm Specification2.5” x 48”
Flood Barrier Mat Specification24” x 24” lined
Flood Cleanup Mat Specification6.75” x 16.5” 2-sided
Compatible RegionsWorldwide
Compatible ProductsAll Room Alert monitors and flood sensors

Package Includes

The AVTECH Flood Protect & Control Kit (Large) Includes:

- (6) Flood Berms

- (3) Flood Barrier Mats

- (6) Flood Cleanup Mats


Prices & Delivery
List Price€85