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Environment Monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and other facilities has become a critical part of 'Disaster Prevention' for professional managers everywhere. The reason is that a typical IT infrastructure supports the entire organization. Without continued operation of IT resources, an organization may have no access to information, databases, email or the internet. Even worse, an organization may appear 'out of business', 'unstable' or simply 'irrelevant'. Property, people and the facility also need to be monitored and protected.


Room Alert can add value and efficiency in your IT management program.
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  • Instant Notifications
  • Complete Control


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New Products

  • Room Alert 3E 30 March 2015

    AVTECH's Room Alert 3E is the technologically advanced...

  • Room Alert 12ER 20 May 2015

    Ideal for specialized and targeted monitoring in order to reduce expenses...


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